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before we met, i was so afraid of dying. but if the end comes today, this will have been enough
A Softer World is ending, and what better way to celebrate it than with a ficathon?


1. Comment with a fandom, character, or pairing, and an A Softer World comic!
That's all that's required - feel free to elaborate (explanation of what you'd like to see) or to just leave it up to the author. Please include a link to the comic if you can! just so no one has to hunt around for "that one about photos and souls?"
If you like, you can link two comics, but please only do it if those comics are a sort of joint prompt - "I want to see X combined with Y for Sansa Stark" - and not as two separate prompts.

2. While you're waiting for your prompt to be filled, go fill someone else's!


1. Reply to the prompter's comment with a subject line stating title, characters or pairing, and rating! If there is potentially triggering content, please slap a "tw: [x]" in the subject line as well.

2. Reply to the fill thread with the same subject line and a link to your fic!

Feel free to prompt or write any fandom, any character, any pairing. Art is very welcome, as are fanmixes, poetry, or anything else you can think of.

1. Be nice! Have fun! Feel sad that this comic is ending D:
2. Feel free to be anonymous if you want to be, but it's not a requirement by any means!

Re: Cut Out All the Ropes and Let Me Fall 2/4

Date: 2015-05-11 05:51 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
He plays as hard as he knows how, and it's good. Getting paid to play hockey is always good, obviously, but he doesn't feel the same sort of pressure in Biel as he does at home, and it's nicer than he thought it would be to have nothing expected of him other than to play good hockey and try not to fuck up the language barrier too badly.

When Patrick Kane comes to Biel, Tyler has to pinch himself a few times before he really lets himself believe it's true. And then it turns out that Kaner's awesome and they have great time together, and the nice time Tyler was having in Europe notches up to fantastic.

Everyone heard about Patrick Kane's absolute clusterfuck of a spring, and Tyler can see it in his eyes sometimes, the way Kaner's playing like he's got something to prove, and in early December Tyler finally gets the nerve to ask about it, flat out.

Kane takes it pretty well, considering.

"Are you trying to ask me what it feels like to be one The NHL's biggest off-ice fuck ups?"

"Um. Yes?"

Patrick laughs. "Dude, you are like, redder than anything I've seen in nature. Relax. I'll let you get away with asking because I know you're asking for some sort of weird fuck up guidance, not to judge."

Which, Yeah, that's what Tyler is after here.

"It's just. You went kind of off the rails--sorry--but your team stuck by you, in the media anyway, and you didn't get traded, and...how?"

Patrick shrugs, his eyes widening with something a little bit like awe. "I don't know. I really don't. I spent a lot of the summer just waiting for the call saying they traded me, but it never came. I got lucky. It was tough year, for a lot of reasons, and by the end of it I just didn't want to, I don't know, even think anymore? So I didn't. Obviously. And then I woke up one day and realized I'd pretty much hit bottom, and for some reason there were still people on my side."

It's more than Tyler was expecting to get from him, and it leaves him reeling, a little bit.

Patrick shrugs again. "Sorry, man. I wish I had more helpful advice, or something. I guess, just don't shoot yourself in the foot and cross your fingers that your team is still in your corner, if you do?"

It's good advice, but it isn't incredibly helpful. Not when Tyler knows deep down in his bones that his team won't be in his corner, might not have been in his corner even at the start. He forces a laugh instead. Rolls his eyes.

"Guess it also doesn't hurt that your captain is, like, your total BFF, huh?"

He kind of expects Kaner to deny that, everyone knows the media plays that shit up, but instead he ducks his head, tips of his ears going pink.

"Well, y'know..." Kaner mumbles at the table.

Tyler doesn't, is the thing. But he wants to. Thinks it would be nice.

They don't talk about it again, but a few weeks later Tyler is there when Kaner's phone starts buzzing and flashing a picture of Jonathan Toews with his tongue sticking out.

Tyler and Patrick stare at each other for a second. It's a weird hour to be making phone calls in the United States, and they both know what that might mean.

Patrick scrambles to answer it, puts it on speaker in the middle of the table, and says in one breath,

"Tazer? You're on speaker, Segs is here too, what's up?"

"Patrick." Toews sounds exhausted, elated, and something else Tyler is too nervous to identify, and he says Kaner's name like it's an entire sentence. Tyler kind of thinks it might be, especially if Kaner's face is anything to go by.

"Is it-? Did you-? Jonny, please, please tell me I can come home."

"Yeah," Toews laughs like he can't quite believe it, and Tyler feels like he's soaring and falling at once. "Yeah, babe, it's over, come home."

Patrick cuts his eyes over at Tyler and takes the phone off speaker. Which. Huh. Tyler has a tendency to call anybody he feels at all fond of, 'babe' but he's never gotten the impression that Toews is the kind of guy to do the same, which probably means...It explains a lot, actually. Whatever. He has more important things to do than speculate about other people, even if he does have to push down a brief flare of jealousy that Kaner is going home to more than just hockey.

The next couple of days are a flurry of packing and phone calls and travel plans, and Tyler means to say something to Kaner about how he's glad things are working out for him, fuck up to fuck up, but there just isn't time.

And then they're back in the States and rushing through a shortened season, and Tyler is back to making questionable choices in his limited free time, and wondering how much farther he has to fall to hit rock bottom, and the next time he even sees Kaner it's when Chicago plays Boston in the final, and Boston loses.

The loss hurts, but when he sees the things the media has been saying about him, the things his team doesn't even try to deny...that hurts more.


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