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a softer world ficathon!!!!

before we met, i was so afraid of dying. but if the end comes today, this will have been enough
A Softer World is ending, and what better way to celebrate it than with a ficathon?


1. Comment with a fandom, character, or pairing, and an A Softer World comic!
That's all that's required - feel free to elaborate (explanation of what you'd like to see) or to just leave it up to the author. Please include a link to the comic if you can! just so no one has to hunt around for "that one about photos and souls?"
If you like, you can link two comics, but please only do it if those comics are a sort of joint prompt - "I want to see X combined with Y for Sansa Stark" - and not as two separate prompts.

2. While you're waiting for your prompt to be filled, go fill someone else's!


1. Reply to the prompter's comment with a subject line stating title, characters or pairing, and rating! If there is potentially triggering content, please slap a "tw: [x]" in the subject line as well.

2. Reply to the fill thread with the same subject line and a link to your fic!

Feel free to prompt or write any fandom, any character, any pairing. Art is very welcome, as are fanmixes, poetry, or anything else you can think of.

1. Be nice! Have fun! Feel sad that this comic is ending D:
2. Feel free to be anonymous if you want to be, but it's not a requirement by any means!
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Re: Daredevil, Matt Murdock, 1231

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fuck you Cat

FILL: trying to lose the world -- warnings

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FILL: trying to lose the world (1/1), warnings above

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Re: Daredevil, Matt Murdock, 1231

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Re: Daredevil, Matt Murdock, 1231

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Fill: the 100, any of the delinquents, 1224

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this prompt is SO GOOD. unfortunately I didn't realize until I was halfway through that Raven isn't technically one of the delinquents so uh WOOPS sorry on that count. this got long so I posted it to ao3!

though it's soaring still above your head; 2k words, PG, gen. With Clarke gone, Abby turns to Raven. Again.
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the 100, clarke griffin, 1219

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growlery: Gwen from Merlin (Default)

the 100, bellamy/clarke/raven/wells, 1084

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the 100, raven reyes, 940

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FILL: Untitled, Sid/Geno

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This... got a little weird.


Geno doesn't talk.

Sid doesn't really know what to make of it. At first, he thinks it's just because he doesn't speak English, but he won't speak to Gonch, either.

Sid's had shy teammates before. Sid's been the shy teammate before. But he's never had a silent teammate.

He rolls with it.


There are whispers, in Russia, of boys who want to play hockey more than anything, and cannot.

There are whispers, in Russia, of Baba Yaga, who can make this happen, in exchange for one thing.

Zhenya has always been quiet. It costs him nothing.


Sid tries not to make a habit of Googling his teammates, but. He Googles Geno.

He finds an article about a boy with a time bomb in his head who should never have lived to sixteen. He finds another article about Geno making his professional debut at seventeen.

He still doesn't understand Geno's silence, but now he has more questions.


Zhenya takes to silence like he took to hockey.

He opens his mouth to shout a couple of times, but he learns to bang his stick on the ice. He learns to use his hands to speak for him.

He learns to let his hockey to speak for him.


Sid asks Gonch, who tells him nothing.

'If he wanted you to know, he would have found a way to tell you,' Gonch says, cryptically, and smiles.


Zhenya likes playing with Sidney Crosby.

Sidney is loud on the ice, shouting for the puck, shouting for Zhenya, shouting for everything.

Zhenya goes to the box and Sidney shouts the whole way there.


They learn to communicate.

Geno's English is shaky, written down, but he tries, and Sid keeps talking to him like he can talk back, and slowly, slowly, it gets better.


'Why don't you talk?' Sidney asks him once.

Zhenya pretends not to understand, but his English is getting better and Sidney knows this.

The next time he asks, Zhenya just shakes his head.

Soon he writes.


They win the Cup. They win the Cup

Sid is laughing and shouting and maybe crying a little bit as he lifts the Cup over his head.

Geno lifts the Cup silently, but his smile could split his face open, and Sid decides to make enough noise for the both of them.


Sidney kisses him the night of the Cup win, messy and drunk and so, so happy.

Zhenya kisses back because how can he not?

He's been in love with Sidney since they were both teenagers.

'Talk to me,' Sidney whispers, while he's slipping Zhenya's shirt off his shoulders. Zhenya just looks at him, and shakes his head, hoping Sidney understands.

When Sidney opens his mouth to say something else, Zhenya kisses him.


Sid wakes up with an ache in his thighs and a hangover.

Geno isn't in the bed. There's a note on his pillow, but the shower's running, so Sid isn't worried.

Geno's handwriting is big and round and looks like him, somehow.

Traded my voice for hockey. Was worth it. Got you, too

Re: FILL: Untitled, Sid/Geno

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"Untitled" Sid/Geno (G)

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It's morning. Outside the birds are loud, a bluejay nesting in the gutter beneath the window screaming at the morning joggers, and inside Sid is sweating under the bedcovers, overheated with Geno's arm wrapped around his waist. They are twined together, legs and feet tangled, shirts sticking with perspiration. It makes Sid's chest ache, anxiety pushing through his veins, bitter and cloying.

The sun is slanting in, too bright as it spills over the floor, reflecting bright off the hardwood and leaving phantom lights when Sid blinks his eyes closed. He pulls in a breath, pushes it out and Geno's hand curls into the space vacated by his belly, diaphragm gathering everything in. Sid breathes in and Geno murmurs, pushing his face against the back of his neck.

Fingers twitch against his stomach as Geno slowly wakes, the rush of his damp breath sliding across Sid's shoulder. Geno shifts and all the words Sid was thinking of speaking get caught in the back of his throat, the 'good morning' and 'I should go' dying into an exhale as Geno tugs him closer.

Long minutes pass, the bluejay flies off, leaving behind quiet. Geno is awake behind Sid, his body too still and stiff.

"Sid?" he whispers, like he's scared of shattering the sunlight and warm air.

"Yeah." Sid can feel his heartbeat in his fingertips, imagines he can feel his blood moving through his body, filling him.


Sid opens his eyes, looks out the window at the sky, a perfect blue. "Of course," he says, easy, like there was never any other option.

He feels Geno brush a kiss against the nape of his neck, feels a different heat radiate out from the point, something bright and sweet, something hopeful. He turns in Geno's arms until they're nose to nose, tangling them together again in the nest of bedding, watching the steady jump of Geno's pulse against the side of his throat.

Outside an egg begins to hatch, body warm and tucked away, new life spilling into the day.

Re: "Untitled" Sid/Geno (G)

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Hockey RPF, Taylor Hall/Jordan Eberle, 1200

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Cut Out All the Ropes and Let Me Fall 1/4

(Anonymous) 2015-05-11 05:46 pm (UTC)(link)
I hope this is at least sort of what you were looking for? Eventual Tyler/Jamie, the second part features a lot of Patrick Kane and some mild (mostly implied) Kane/Toews.

Sometimes Tyler's entire life feels like he stepped out onto a rink with no gear and no time to center himself before the ground turned slick and smooth. Like the split second of desperate over correction before a fall. Like maybe if he keeps spinning his arms and moving his feet just a little bit faster than necessary, his balance will return and the ice won't come rising up to meet him, unforgivably hard, and shockingly cold.

(and everyone will know. Everyone will see him laid flat and they will know he wasn't ready)

Of course, the one place he doesn't feel like that is on the actual ice. Skating is good, skating is easy in a way nothing else around him seems to be, even if the team doesn't always seem willing to give him the kind of chances he knows he deserves. He has to earn it, he knows, and he will, he can. It's off the ice that he has a problem.

Eighteen is too young to live alone, in a new city, when he's never been on his own before. His mom worries though, so he pushes down his own concerns and puts on a confident act for her sake. And then he tries to avoid being alone as much as possible, filling up his hours with as many willing companions as he can find. He knows it's not his best idea, but he hates being alone more than he worries about his image.

(this is a mistake, and later he will never be entirely sure that he didn't know it at the time)

But most of the time things are really fucking good. Especially that first year, that first summer after they win The Cup. He barely notices the way he feels off a step from where he should be, not when Boston is lit up all around him and no one gives a fuck that he's too young to be so publicly shit-faced.

Later though, the feeling comes back. When he's been reprimanded for his antics by the front office again, when he ignores them and goes out again, when he's crashing yet another college party just to spend some time with people his own age again. When he's licking the taste of cheap liquor out of the mouth of another frat boy and wondering if this is the one who will sell him out, finally.

His life is both everything and nothing he ever wanted, and sometimes when his hookup of the moment licks a stripe across his Stanley Cup tattoo (and they always do it, boy or girl, hockey fan or not, they always want to put their tongues right on the mark that declares a Tyler to be A Winner) he can't help but think that it should feel different than it does, that the payoff for every bit of childhood he gave up shouldn't feel so...hollow.

(and then he feels guilty as hell,thinks about everything his parents gave up for him, thinks about Brownie waiting for a call up that will probably never come, thinks about Taylor Hall and all his talent listing away in Edmonton)

He drinks more. He parties more. He hooks up more. He gets in the media spotlight more. He doesn't play much more, doesn't get the minutes on the ice that he wants, needs, to leave an impression.

And then the lockout, and no one is playing at all, not in North America, so Tyler goes to Europe.

Re: Cut Out All the Ropes and Let Me Fall 2/4

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Re: Hockey RPF, Sid/Geno, 1001

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Sidney doesn’t make it easy, he knows that.

He’s never been an easy person to love, even for his family. Taylor tells him that sometimes, fondly and… not as fondly. “Why can’t you just tell people how you feel?” she yells in the middle of an argument, “how do you expect me to help you, or, like, just exist or whatever around you? It’s exhausting, Sidney.”

When he was 12, his parents decided it would probably be better for him to take off his jersey between games, so that the other parents wouldn’t recognize him. “It’s a game,” his mom told him. “A hiding game. It’s not about you, Sidney.” You could hide a lot, if you tried.

At 23, he decided he had to move out of the Lemieuxs’, stop taking advantage of their hospitality. They told him he could stay as long as he wanted, and he believed them, but he wasn’t stupid, he knew what people said. Emotionally Crippled Crosby, still living with Mom and Dad. He had to grow up, he told himself, to take responsibility for himself. He could still visit them, but they both knew it was different. He’d retreated a little bit more.

He doesn’t take it personally when his relationships, what there are of them, fail. He knows that he’s hard--he talks too much about hockey, he doesn’t talk enough about his feelings, he forgets basic tasks and to ask other people how they’re doing. His last girlfriend threw an avocado at him because he "doesn't know how to think about what I need!!!" He forgot Valentine’s Day for the last boyfriend, and, he thinks, the one before that (though he can't be sure). So it’s been awhile since he’s been with someone for longer than a night.

Sidney catches Geno staring at him when he’s making his sandwich one afternoon before their game. Geno doesn’t look away when Sidney meets his eyes. He just raises his eyebrows and smiles a little bit and wrinkles his nose, like Sam did when she was a puppy. Sid shakes his head and ignores him. It’s part of the ritual, all the guys know that. If Geno’s going to tease him, there’s nothing he can do about that. But it happens again the next game day, and this time Geno stands up and walks over to the table in the lounge. Sidney doesn’t look up, spreading the jam smoothly.

“You do always peanut butter first?” Geno asks after a minute of silent proximity.

Sidney coughs, surprised, but continues. “It keeps the bread from getting soggy,” he explains. Geno stands there for another moment, hands in his pockets, while Sid finishes, cuts the sandwich. Then he walks away.

They win by one, Geno assist to Sid.

After a road game in Edmonton, the team goes to a steakhouse that Perron recommends (“It’s awesome, I swear, there’s like a billion different sauces”) because it’s too cold to debate and they’re all tired. Sidney sits in his normal spot, between Flower and Duper, and all but collapses into the chair. He picks up the menu, stares at it for a second, and puts it back in front of him. Geno says his name, but everyone’s chatting loudly, and he has to say it again before Sidney recognizes and looks down the table.

Geno points to his menu, pantomimes eating. “What you order, Sid?”

“Medium rare, sauteed spinach,” he says shortly. Geno nods and looks thoughtful. “You?”

Geno shrugs. “Don’t know.” He grins. “Maybe get same as great Sid. Score three goals.”

Sidney laughs, despite the tiredness in his bones, and his disappointing performance on the road trip. He laughs, because it’s Geno's joke, and they’re here with the team, and it’s all going to be ok. It'll work out.

Geno pokes his head in when Sidney’s cutting his sticks. Sid expects him to chirp him about the perfect length, or the brand, or any of the other things he hears every day. When they were younger, Talbo would hound him every day about the “perfect Sidney Crosby stick” until Tanger or Flower or somebody shut him up. Instead, Geno quietly stretches out against the doorway like a lazy cat.

Sidney clears his throat, uncomfortable. He doesn’t usually feel… on edge around Geno. It’s unsettling. “‘Sup, G?”

Geno lifts both his arms over his head, revealing a little skin at the hem of his shirt. “What right length?”

Sid blinks. “What stick length do I use?” Geno nods seriously. “Short… 55, 56.”

Geno bites his lip, shrugs nonchalantly. “All same, yes?”

“Yeah.” Sid rubs his hand on the back of his neck. “I mean, they might be a little short for, uh, for you, but if you w-wanted, I guess you could... You could have one.”

Geno laughs. “No, no.” He moves to stand by Sid and looks at the sticks he’s already finished, lined up precisely against the wall. “These Sid stick.”

“Why do you want to know,” Sidney asks, all of a sudden frustrated. “About the sandwich, and the other stuff, and the sticks. What are you doing? Did Duper tell you to do this?" Geno smiles, the crinkle eyed smile that means he is winning, even if the other person doesn’t know it’s a competition. He leans in, close enough that Sid can feel him peripherally, but not so close as to make him uncomfortable. Not too many people know the difference. Then again, not many are Geno.

"I'm like learn Sid,” he says, warmly. He looks into Sid’s eyes. “Is ok?”

Sid swallows, something stuck in his throat. “Yeah, Geno. You’re ok.”

They have a couple of days off from games, and normally Sid enjoys this, pure practices and the feeling of getting stronger. He can, despite what Tanger says, feel when his shot gets more precise. It's nice getting groceries and being "so booooring, as Taylor calls it, which usually entails watching HGTV or Friends reruns. But he can't keep still. He runs around the block, and makes more of his mom's frozen casseroles than any one country could ever eat. He keeps coming up with reasons he needs to call his mom, or Nathalie, or Duper, who are all basically the same person. And all of these conversations inevitably become, "What's wrong Sid, what's going on?" because they do know when something’s wrong, when he babbles on and on, keeping them on the phone and eating away time. And he can't tell them because he doesn't know, and he doesn't know until he talks to Geno.

The phone rings three times before he picks up. "Hello?"

"Are you at home?" Sidney asks before he can talk himself out of it.

"Yes, Sid, I am old now, and boring like you, I do tax things," Geno says.

Sid ignores the rest. "Can I come over?" There’s a pause on the line. “Is it too late?” he asks anxiously. “We could do it another night, or get coffee or, or som-”

“Sid,” Geno says, laughing, “is eight o’clock.”

“Yeah, I don’t--you might go to bed early, I don’t know.”

“Come now,” Geno says. “I'm wait up for Sidney Crosby.”

When he opens the door, Geno's wearing blue sweats and a threadbare T-shirt, one of the ones they got from the Steelers that Sid gave away and Geno treasured forever. He looks rumpled and before he can think better of it, Sidney says, "you should get better conditioner."

Geno cracks a smile. "Come in, big meanie." He steps aside and Sid steps over the threshold, looks around while taking off his shoes. There are a bunch of papers on the kitchen table. "For 'countant," Geno explains. Sid nods. "Is worst," Geno says. Sid smiles nervously.
Geno offers water and orange juice, and takes a beer for himself. They sit in comfortable silence for a few minutes.

"Am I weird to you?" Sid asks.

Geno's eyebrows snap together. "Weird? No. Who tell you you weird." He looks angrily at the papers on the table, as though he could grill it out of them.

Sidney tries another tack: "I mean, do I confuse you? Or, I don't know... make things harder for you? All the stuff that I do? The touching sticks, and, and the path to the locker room, and..."

Geno looks bemused. "No. Is Sid stuff. Is fine." He corrects himself. "Is good."

"I worry, sometimes," Sid says, tearing at the wrapper on his water bottle, "that I'm throwing people off. Like, maybe my things distract people."

"You're always worry," Geno says kindly. "This is not worry, promise." Sid frowns, unconvinced. Geno reaches out and puts his hand on Sid's, resting on the table. "Sid." Sid looks up from his wrapper. "Is comfort. For Sid, yes but for team too. Knowing Sid there, ready." Sidney stares into his soft, gentle eyes. "Comfort also me," Geno adds softly. “I’m know you there.”

"I'm not," Sid starts and stops. He fidgets, uncomfortable with his skin. "I'm not good at, um, talking, about, whatever, about feelings, I guess. I don’t… I don’t know how to tell you..."

Geno makes an upset noise and Sid stops abruptly, furious at himself. He stares at the floor. How could he have been so stupid, telling this to his teammate, his friend.

Geno clears his throat. “You think, after all time together, I not know this?” Sidney shrugs and starts to explain. "I'm not an easy person, I'm terrible at-"

Geno ignores him. “I'm know Sid. I'm know Sid best.”

Sidney smiles, the familiar refrain still making him warm inside. “G, I’m not the best.”

“No, no.” Geno shakes his head, looking frustrated with himself. He takes a deep breath. “I am know Sid. Best know. Know Sid don’t like photoshoot where hair brush, know how Sid hate self little bit after fall on ice, disappoint. Know Sid like talk about hockey, but sometimes need talk about not hockey even if annoy. Yes?”

Sidney’s mouth falls open a bit. He sees Geno's eyes drop to the space between his lips, and a shiver goes up his spine. Geno moves forward hesitantly. “Know… know you like being touched when can do touching,” Geno says quietly. “Know in the shower sometimes, you, neck back and close eyes, look peaceful… but also, open. Easy?” He watches Sid’s lips.

Almost instinctively, Sid reaches out and touches Geno’s jaw. Geno closes his eyes and leans into his hand, almost nuzzling. “I don’t… I’m not as good at this as you,” Sid says finally, nervously.

Geno’s eyes open. “Yes, you very bad,” he says, mischievously. Sid laughs, and something in his chest relaxes. “Also bad at not put pressure on self,” Geno says thoughtfully, “but we work on this. Work hard."

Before he can think better of it, Sidney presses a quick kiss to the corner of Geno’s lips and feels Geno smile. He pulls back to see the fond look in Geno’s eyes, the look he's seen so many times, before Geno leans forward and whispers in his ear:

“I want always, always learn more Sid.”

Hockey RPF, James Neal/Paul Martin, 310

(Anonymous) 2015-05-07 03:25 am (UTC)(link)
"there are nights where I bump into strangers on empty streets / where I need you to take my hair in your first / or a car to hit me. anything."

fill: full speed ahead, raven reyes, g

(Anonymous) 2015-06-10 06:21 am (UTC)(link)
full speed ahead (http://archiveofourown.org/works/4110631), raven reyes, g.

buddy, i tried. but i haven't written fic in for-fucking-ever and i am way to self conscious of proper characterisation, so this fell on the short side. hope it's to your liking anyway.

the raven cycle, blue sargent

(Anonymous) 2015-05-07 02:14 pm (UTC)(link)
"i like my witches like i like my books / properly respected for their cultural importance"

would love to see some of blue's family in it, but you can do what you want really!

Re: the raven cycle, blue sargent

(Anonymous) 2015-05-07 02:15 pm (UTC)(link)
whoops, forgot to link! http://www.asofterworld.com/index.php?id=1227

MCU, Steve Rogers(/Bucky Barnes), 49

(Anonymous) 2015-05-07 03:23 pm (UTC)(link)
"It was a plague nobody expected. Puberty again, instead of death. Cracking voices and new bodies we can't understand."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow(/Tara)+Xander(/Anya), 174

(Anonymous) 2015-05-07 03:34 pm (UTC)(link)
"I always wanted to be invisible for pervy reasons/now because everyone is always staring/because I lived and you didn't"

MCU, Steve Rogers, 1231

(Anonymous) 2015-05-07 03:47 pm (UTC)(link)
"The end will come like an iceberg/and I will help everyone else into the lifeboats/hiding my relief behind a hero's mask"

Hockey RPF, Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn, 1208

(Anonymous) 2015-05-07 03:50 pm (UTC)(link)
"I'm always waxing poetic about how much I miss your smile, your laugh/and now I worry you don't know/how much I miss the sex. (you have a nice laugh when you fuck)"

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