"Untitled" Sid/Geno (G)

Date: 2015-05-07 05:20 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It's morning. Outside the birds are loud, a bluejay nesting in the gutter beneath the window screaming at the morning joggers, and inside Sid is sweating under the bedcovers, overheated with Geno's arm wrapped around his waist. They are twined together, legs and feet tangled, shirts sticking with perspiration. It makes Sid's chest ache, anxiety pushing through his veins, bitter and cloying.

The sun is slanting in, too bright as it spills over the floor, reflecting bright off the hardwood and leaving phantom lights when Sid blinks his eyes closed. He pulls in a breath, pushes it out and Geno's hand curls into the space vacated by his belly, diaphragm gathering everything in. Sid breathes in and Geno murmurs, pushing his face against the back of his neck.

Fingers twitch against his stomach as Geno slowly wakes, the rush of his damp breath sliding across Sid's shoulder. Geno shifts and all the words Sid was thinking of speaking get caught in the back of his throat, the 'good morning' and 'I should go' dying into an exhale as Geno tugs him closer.

Long minutes pass, the bluejay flies off, leaving behind quiet. Geno is awake behind Sid, his body too still and stiff.

"Sid?" he whispers, like he's scared of shattering the sunlight and warm air.

"Yeah." Sid can feel his heartbeat in his fingertips, imagines he can feel his blood moving through his body, filling him.


Sid opens his eyes, looks out the window at the sky, a perfect blue. "Of course," he says, easy, like there was never any other option.

He feels Geno brush a kiss against the nape of his neck, feels a different heat radiate out from the point, something bright and sweet, something hopeful. He turns in Geno's arms until they're nose to nose, tangling them together again in the nest of bedding, watching the steady jump of Geno's pulse against the side of his throat.

Outside an egg begins to hatch, body warm and tucked away, new life spilling into the day.
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