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This... got a little weird.


Geno doesn't talk.

Sid doesn't really know what to make of it. At first, he thinks it's just because he doesn't speak English, but he won't speak to Gonch, either.

Sid's had shy teammates before. Sid's been the shy teammate before. But he's never had a silent teammate.

He rolls with it.


There are whispers, in Russia, of boys who want to play hockey more than anything, and cannot.

There are whispers, in Russia, of Baba Yaga, who can make this happen, in exchange for one thing.

Zhenya has always been quiet. It costs him nothing.


Sid tries not to make a habit of Googling his teammates, but. He Googles Geno.

He finds an article about a boy with a time bomb in his head who should never have lived to sixteen. He finds another article about Geno making his professional debut at seventeen.

He still doesn't understand Geno's silence, but now he has more questions.


Zhenya takes to silence like he took to hockey.

He opens his mouth to shout a couple of times, but he learns to bang his stick on the ice. He learns to use his hands to speak for him.

He learns to let his hockey to speak for him.


Sid asks Gonch, who tells him nothing.

'If he wanted you to know, he would have found a way to tell you,' Gonch says, cryptically, and smiles.


Zhenya likes playing with Sidney Crosby.

Sidney is loud on the ice, shouting for the puck, shouting for Zhenya, shouting for everything.

Zhenya goes to the box and Sidney shouts the whole way there.


They learn to communicate.

Geno's English is shaky, written down, but he tries, and Sid keeps talking to him like he can talk back, and slowly, slowly, it gets better.


'Why don't you talk?' Sidney asks him once.

Zhenya pretends not to understand, but his English is getting better and Sidney knows this.

The next time he asks, Zhenya just shakes his head.

Soon he writes.


They win the Cup. They win the Cup

Sid is laughing and shouting and maybe crying a little bit as he lifts the Cup over his head.

Geno lifts the Cup silently, but his smile could split his face open, and Sid decides to make enough noise for the both of them.


Sidney kisses him the night of the Cup win, messy and drunk and so, so happy.

Zhenya kisses back because how can he not?

He's been in love with Sidney since they were both teenagers.

'Talk to me,' Sidney whispers, while he's slipping Zhenya's shirt off his shoulders. Zhenya just looks at him, and shakes his head, hoping Sidney understands.

When Sidney opens his mouth to say something else, Zhenya kisses him.


Sid wakes up with an ache in his thighs and a hangover.

Geno isn't in the bed. There's a note on his pillow, but the shower's running, so Sid isn't worried.

Geno's handwriting is big and round and looks like him, somehow.

Traded my voice for hockey. Was worth it. Got you, too
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